Healeys leaving the parking for their tour of the Le Mans track.

The track is 13kms long

Roger Byford's

Rally BJ8

Marco Trevissan

and his 100S

Healey Parking
More Healey Parking

My car is 4th from the bottom on the left
Dutch and French 100s
Bed & Breakfast

50kms NW of
Le Mans

The 'Standard' disc wheels
John Chatham built

3000 BN7 Special

Bruno Verstraete
Healey Club France

Bed and Breakfast

Just outside of Mulsanne

Florida Green 3000

Not many in Europe

Nice variety of models
Me withFrench Healey Club members and pastis

Arnage village main street!
Dutch Rally cars
Modified 3000 from England

Rally Interior
Typical scene!

Arnage village main street

Saturday evening

Park whatever you want wherever you want!
Alloy Head and triple HD6 set up

Was available in the 1960s and now being reproduced

Primrose Yellow

Derrick Ross

Bill Emerson


Herve Chevalier

Dutch Healey Club

with 100S's