Car# 72

Frank Augis

Mark Knopfler
of 'Dire Straits'
racing a 100S

9th out of 69
Grid 2

followed by Xavier  Beaumartin in a 100M

BMC Competition Department Truck

fully restored
TON 792

100-Six Rally car

Timothy Rogers
Eric Wooley

13th of 69
Grid 2
Dutch 100S
for sale

Christies Auction
Dutch Healey Club car of

Rinus Sinke

13th  out of 71
Grid 3
DD 300

John Chatham  has sold the car which has since been subjected to an extensive renovation
Car # 73

Jean-Jacques Schretlin
Car # 42

Eric Perou

18th of 71

Grid 3

Car # 71

Ludovic Caron
Rene Caron

French 3000