The fuel tank fitting on the Longbridge cars is different from later BN4s and also the 3000s that followed.

The photo on the left shows the 'Longbridge' fitting which is similar to that on the 100s. The only difference is that it was  moved over to the right side of the tank

The later style 'Abingdon' tank has a right angled shoulder fitting attached to the tank and the fuel line comes straight through the bulhead and directly into the fitting.

In order to be able to accommodate the Abingdon style tank fitting the hole in the bulkhead had to be lowered. In cases where Longbridge cars have been fitted with replacement tanks it is very common to find that the owner has drilled a second hole  in the bulkhead to enable the fuel line to meet the fitting.
 Fuel Tank Fitting
Doug Reid

Car# BNL-O- 34102
Mac Holt
Here is an example of the Burgess 2 into 1 silencer for the early 100-Sixs

This is NOS example courtesy of Rich Chrysler

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These are the more common Coopers type air filters which followed the Burgess filters shown above or may even have been fitted as an alternative to the Burgess cleaners

They were always this silver/aluminium colour
Air Filters
Vacuum Advance Line

The vacuum advance line on the Longbridge 2-port head cars incorporated this bell shaped feature.

It is an oil, gas and moisture trap designed to prevent damage to the diaphram in the vacuum advance unit on the distributor.

It has no separate part number because it is soldered in line with the whole pipe from from the distributor to carb.
Doug Reid

Car# BNL-O- 34102
Mac Holt
Interestingly there was a third type of fuel line which arrived around car number 60413. This is part # AHB 5400 and it was required in order to accomodate the change  from the round body type fuel pump as found on 100s to the new square bodied type. When the new tank appeared shortly thereafter then this part was discontinued.
Here is another example from a different car.

'Longbridge' Tank
(to car CE 68959)
Part #11B2248

'Abingdon' Tank
(from car CE 68959)
Part# 11B2375

The fuel line to the Longbridge tank was

the fuel line to the Abingdon tank was
Part# AHB 8334

When the 2-port BN4 was first introduced it appears that it arrived with Burgess air filters similar to the one shown here. This is a NOS  example belonging to Jim Lesher shown with original box and label stating that it is

Part# 11B. 508

This part number matches that shown in publication
AKD 1423 for  air cleaners for the 100-Six. Other part numbers are also listed which presumably are for the Coopers type.

According to
Peter Svilans Burgess air filters changed from black  to 'hammertone' green on the BN2s in Jan 1955 and one would have expected this colour to carry over to the 100-Six - this  apparantly was not the case.

Black air filters can be seen in several press release photos and road test articles from 1956 and 1957
Here the Burgess name is clearly visible on the silencer box,

These were fitted up to car 48862
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Something different! Here are two X-Rays of both ends of the silencer box.

Thanks to Ake Nystrom for these.