Moss and Wisdom Ascending Mont Ventoux
 1958 Alpine Rally

Gott taking a break
Thirsty work for Pat Moss

Sears stops to help Moss and Wisdom


Final speed test in the centre of Marseille

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Moss being caught due to clutch problem

Shepherd and Williamson receiving their Coupe des Alpes

Sprite squeezes past fully loaded truck with co-driver holding the spare wheel!

Sears bottoming out under accelration out of the `carousel`on a speed trial stage

UOC 741 John Gott at speed

Shepherd/Williamson start the last leg
Sprinzel in the Marseille speed test.
He passes the saloon at the next corner
JohnSprinzel Unsure of the direction after crossing the bridge
Time to get going
Nancy Mitchell
Entering  town for a scheduled stop
Sears flat out on the Monza track stage
Nancy Mitchell embarking for Monza
Moss and Wisdom win the Ladies Prize