Body and Interior
- Aluminium bonnet and boot lid
- Works hardtop with sidescreens
- Hi capacity foam filled aluminium fuel tank
- ATL electronic fuel sender and guage
- DWR electronic rev counter
- DWR roll bar
- Sparco racing seat
- Luke 4 point harnesses with turn release (driver and passenger)
- FIA battery cut out switch
- Motor Lita Derrington steering wheel with DWR boss plate
- DWR aluminium clutch, brake and throttle pedals
- 72 spoke wheels with Avon ZZ tyres
- Aston quick release fuel cap
- Aluminium bullet mirrors
Brakes and Suspension
- Front discs with DS2500 brake pads
- Rear drums with competition pads
- Sliding top plate for setting camber
- Running with negative camber
- 7/8 inch anti roll bar
- Poly bushings
- Lowered front suspension
UGU 872  Specifications
Transmission and Differential (built by Hardy Engineering)
- Centre change gearbox
- Tulip ratio straight cut gears
- Competition spec overdrive
- Overdrive switch on gear stick
- Quaife LSD with pinion oil seal
- 3.9 ratio
Engine (built by Dennis Welch Motorsports)
- BJ8 Engine
- Polished, ported and skimmed head with lead free conversion
- 11:1 compression ratio
- DWR2 `Rally` camshaft (300 degrees)
- Omega 84mm forged pistons
- Triple 45 DCOE Weber Carburettors
- DWR steel rocker pedestals and spacers
- DWR aluminium valve caps, bronze valve guides
- DWR aluminium rocker cover
- DWR lightweight, balanced steel flywheel
- Tufrided and balanced crankshaft
- B&M crank super damper
- DWR aluminium sump
- DWR aluminium water pulley
- Hi-torque starter motor
- Oil cooler with spin on filter
- Twin cable throttle linkage
- 6 pipe exhaust manifold
- Twin pipe side exhaust
- Aluminium crank breather catch tank
- Alternator
- Negative ground