Here is another example of the winscreen push button.

This car also has the very rare option of a cigarette lighter positioned just above the heater controls

Todd Schneider
The Boot (Trunk ) area is lined in  coloured Armacord matching the car's interior trim

Abingdon cars  had black Armacord irrespective of the interior colour of the car
The windscreen washer bottle was the Trafalgar glass type which continued into the BN6 production until car 1182 when it was replaced by the plastic Tudor type 
The windscreen washer push button was chrome plated without markings.

Abingdon cars had larger, black Bakerlite buttons with white lettering

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The Longbridge cars only had one windscreen spray nozzle

Jim Lesher
 Rear Quarter Panel and Seat Area

Windscreen Washer System 
Peter Svilans
Rich Chrysler
 Points to note are:

1. the exposed bump-stop box screw in the vinyl covered wheel arch

2. the single eared screw holding the sidecreen (which is in beautiful condition!)

3. The sidescreen is of the later 'Abingdon' type introduced towards the end of the Longbridge production
Service Parts List showing the Longbridge system on the left and the replacement Abingdon system on the right. 
 Here is a view of the area behind the rear seat back  of another original car.

The leathercloth can be clearly seen and covers the entire area behind the seats
Peter Svilans
Points to note are:

1. This removable rear seat back is sightly wider than the later Abingdon cars and has a different part number

2. The rear bulkhead (not shown) behind the rear seat back is covered in matching coloured leathercloth. (Not the case on Abingdon cars)

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Longbridge Features                  Page 2,
Peter Svilans
The top of the bottle had the Manufacturers name printed on it.

John Sydney Ltd 

photo Doug Reid
Great photo of an original Longbridge washer pump

Photo Nils Nystrom